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Rantech, Inc. is proud to be partnered with CHAI for LYME.

CHAI for LYME is a non-profit organization that offers a range of services and support for individuals suffering from Lyme Disease, especially late-stage or chronic Lyme. We feel that with the proper knowledge and information patients can make better decisions about their treatment and ultimately their general well-being. Our goal is to help people make well-informed choices so they can reach optimum health.

Rantech, Inc. is one of the areas top service providers for Mosquito, Flea, and Tick prevention and have pledged to donate 10% of our service fees from our Mosquito, Flea, and Tick program when you call to book treatments through this specially dedicated phone number (516) 500-8735. Protect your family and help others at the same time.

Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses have been on the rise in the United States. The key to protecting you and your family from ticks is professional tick control. At Rantech Pest Solutions, we utilize an effective blend of our barrier spray treatment and tick tubes to eliminate ticks before they can get to you. Our traditional mosquito control spray kills adult ticks on contact, while tick tubes are placed around your property to entice mice. Yes, we said mice. Rantech can also control ticks with tick tubes that rely on the natural nesting instincts of mice and deliver a tick controlling insecticide directly to its home. Tick tubes are made of biodegradable tubes with treated cotton inside. When placed in their environment, mice collect the cotton for bedding. Since most ticks get their first blood meals from mice, they are exposed to the treated cotton, effectively eliminating the ticks. It’s important to consult a professional, like Rantech, to determine the timing and quantity of tubes and placement.


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      I highly recommend Rantech Pest Solutions. Cannot say enough good things about Robert at Rantech Pest Control.

      While the other big guys (Terminix and Orkin) choose not to show up or charge crazy prices, Robert was on time, cost-effective, and a pleasure to deal with.

      Jennifer T.
      Babylon, NY

      Rantech pest control has been really helpful to our clients and homeowner investors for both their commercial properties and residential. We work with investors who purchase foreclosed, abandoned, or distressed properties so sometimes there are critters and pests that have to be dealt with. Rantech has proven over and over again to be affordable, professional, and takes care of these problems. I highly recommend Rantech.

      Karin Murphy
      New York

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