Bird Control SOLUTIONS

Bird Exclusion Netting

Total Bird Exclusion. Bird Exclusion Netting  offers the latest technology in total bird exclusion of sparrows, starlings, swallows, pigeons, gulls, crows and any other pest bird. When installed properly, Bird Exclusion Netting will keep unwanted pest birds out of the excluded area.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a 100% effective, maintenance-free, and permanent solution to pest bird infestation when installed properly. Installed bird control spikes on common bird landing surfaces such as rooftop edges, ledges, window sills, chimneys, or anywhere pest bird roosting and nesting are a problem. Bird spike strips are a guaranteed way to prevent pest birds from landing on your property, while eliminating pest damage and liability.

Shock Track

Bird Shock products use mild electric shocks to deter birds from landing on buildings, trees, signs, or anywhere else where birds have become a nuisance along rooftop edges, ledges, window sills, chimneys, or anywhere pest bird roosting and nesting are a problem.. 

Bird Wire

Birdwire is a very cost effective bird control system against pigeons and seagulls. An extremely versatile bird control product, Birdwire can be adapted to protect any building, opening, or architectural configuration against pest birds. Birdwire bird deterrent is approved by federal, state and foreign governments and historical preservation groups world-wide as a discreet architectural bird control product. Birdwire's low-profile installation solves pest bird problems without unsightly prevention methods.

Population Control and Removal

From pigeon's on the roof to a bird inside a building to geese on a field... RANTECH can custom design a solution to your bird problem. 

Sanitation and Dropping Cleaning

 Small to large populations of roosting birds may present the risk of disease to people nearby. The most serious health risks arise from disease organisms that can grow in the nutrient-rich accumulations of bird droppings, feathers and debris under a roost particularly if roosts have been active for years. External parasites also may become a problem when infested birds or bats leave roosts or nests. The parasites then can invade buildings and bite people. RANTECH can safly and efficiently solve these dirty situations.