Residential Pest Services

General Pest services

Protect your home against insects and rodents. Let us put a barrier around you home, to keep insects and rodents outside where they belong and not inside with you.
Insect Barrier:  We will put a chemical barrier around the base of your home, 1st level windows and doorways. Which will kill crawling insects if and when they enter this zone. We will also place granular insect bait around the perimeter of your home which will add a second level of protection to your home.
Rodent protection zone: We will place our tamper resistant rodent station around your home to stop them from entering your home. Keeping you inside rodent free.

Bed Bug Services

We offer Bed Bug Detection/Inspection and Elimination Services for the Long Island and  NYC

We offer a full range of Bed Bug Treatments for the Long Island, NYC, to include but not limited to:

Traditional Pesticide Treatments 

Heat Treatments

Heat Assisted Vapor Treatments 

Vault Fumigation 

Site Prep and Post Service Cleaning 

Bed Bug Exclusion Services 

Termite Services

We use a highly effective termite baiting system which we install around your home which uses a minimum amount of pesticide, yet is highly effective:

-First we install the termite baiting system in to the soil around the perimeter of your home or business
-We monitor the termite stations for termite activity
-Once termite activity is found, we place termite bait cartridges in to the stations so the termites can start feeding on the bait
-As the termites feed and then travel back to the colony, they share the termite bait with their nest mates and send other termites back to feed on the bait.  As the termites continue to feed on the bait, the more termites are affected by the bait, the termite colony starts to die and is eliminated
-After the colony is eliminated, we will replace the bait with an inspection cartridge and continue to monitor the stations for other new colonies that might invade your property

Mosquito Services

Mosquitoes are resilient pests that will not only ruin your outdoor experience, but also carry dangerous vector-borne diseases. At RANTECH, Inc., our most popular mosquito control treatment is our barrier protection spray program.Applied by our professional applicators around your home and throughout your backyard, this acclaimed, trusted and dependable mosquito control solution eliminates mosquitoes on contact and continues working for up to 20 days, depending on the impact of rain and weather elements.For optimum protection, season-long control is highly recommended, every 20 days. RANTECH, Inc. will remind you in advance of an upcoming service and leave you notice that we've been there. You don't even need to be home during the application. RANTECH, Inc. protects your family (and pets) from the nuisance and danger of mosquitoes by focusing on the areas of your property where mosquitoes and ticks are most likely to feed and harbor. Once applied, RANTECH provides even greater protection as mosquitoes attempt to feed off your greenery, as the residue from the treatment will knock them down too.

Tick Services

Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses have been on the rise in the United States. The key to protecting you and your family from ticks is professional tick control. At RANTECH, Inc., we utilize an effective blend of our barrier spray treatment and tick tubes to eliminate ticks before they can get to you. Our traditional mosquito control spray kills adult ticks on contact, while tick tubes are placed around your property to entice mice. Yes, we said mice. RANTECH, Inc. can also control ticks with tick tubes that rely on the natural nesting instincts of mice and deliver a tick controlling insecticide directly to its home. Tick tubes are made of biodegradable tubes with treated cotton inside. When placed in their environment, mice collect the cotton for bedding. Since most ticks get their first blood meals from mice, they are exposed to the treated cotton, effectively eliminating the ticks.It's important to consult a professional, like RANTECH, Inc., to determine the timing and quantity of tubes and placement.

Wildlife Services

Rantech controls and manages wildlife in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of the state of New York's Department of Environmental Conservation governing wildlife control.  We always strive to provide the customer and the wildlife with the safest and most effective wildlife management techniques at our disposal.  We use humane and intergrated control techniques in resolving human and wildlife conflicts.  Our main focus is on Intergrated Wildlife management, which is looking at the whole picture in any given situation and combining several stategies to resolving the situation. 



Also we provide control measures for NY state and Federally protected species:-Amercian Crow
-Canada Goose
-Black Bear
-White-tail deer
-Wild turkey