Green Eco-Friendly Pest

Your family, employees, co-workers, tenents and envionment are always a concern when pesticides are used in your home, business or school.  Thats why we have developed our Green programWe use advanced integraded pest management practices to provide lasting, effective pest control. Our Green program standards offer the assurance of proven, effective pest control methods conducted by knowledgeable professionals.

Our Green Program standards are:

Non-chemical approaches first to prevent pest problems.

RANTECH professionals use their knowledge of pest lifecycles, habits and the conditions that affect different pest populations. Non-chemical approaches to limit pest entry ways, attractants, harborage and food will provide the most effective, longest lasting pest control.  Monitoring and inspection to spot problems early, and identify and correct conditions that encourage pests.

Pesticides are used only when necessary.

Non-chemical approaches are the primary tool to control pests; no spray-by-the-calendar pesticide applications.

When pesticides are required.

We use only RANTECH approved envionmentally friendly products like botanical-based pesticides