Commercial Pest Services

Commercial Pest Services

RANTECH specializes in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Facilities from small to 1,000,000+ sqft buildings. No account is to large for our experts. RANTECH can provide pest management service to the following (but not limited to);

Hospitality:  Hotels, Motels, Resorts
Food Service:  Restaurants
Health Care: Hospitals, Nursing Houses, Medical/Dental Offices
Industrial: Manufacturing Plants, Food Processing, Utilities
Property Management: Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Malls,  Apartment/Condo Complexes

Bird Control Services

Do you have a nuisance bird control concern? Pigeons, Starlings, English House Sparrows, Gulls or any other type of problem bird.

At RANTECH we can use a wide variety of proven methods to control nuisance birds. The methods include but are not limited to:

-Bird Netting
-Bird Spikes
-Low Voltage Humane Shock Deterrents
-Wire Deterrents
-Bird Slides
-Chemical Deterrents and Population Control
-Live Bird Capture
-Sanitation and Dropping Removal/Cleaning

IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

Integrated pest management (IPM) is an approach to pest control that utilizes regular monitoring and record keeping to determine if and when treatments are needed, and employs a combination of strategies and tactics to keep pest numbers low enough to prevent unacceptable damage or annoyance. Biological, cultural, physical, mechanical, educational, and chemical methods are used in site-specific combinations to solve the pest problem. Chemical controls are used only when needed, and in the least-toxic formulation that is effective against the pest. Educational strategies are used to enhance pest prevention, and to build support for the IPM program. 

Hospitality Facilities

Weather you are a Hotel, Motel or a Resort... You have unique needs. RANTECH Inc. has the experience and know how to meet and exceed these unique needs.

Food Service Facilities

Weather you are a Restaurant, Retail Food Store, Bakery or a Food Processing Facility... You have to be concerned with pests endangering our products. RANTECH Inc. has the experience and know how to safely handle environments with high pest pressure that have increased exposure to your edible products.

Buildings and Apartments

Weather you are a Office Building, Retail Store or a Apartment Complex... You have unique needs. RANTECH Inc. has the experience and know how to handle the complex natures of you large facilities.

Restaurant Pest Elimination

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